Sunday, December 26, 2004

Lord Of The Rings Athon Ends

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Detail of the hilt of my sword. Of everything I have tried to learn how to photograph, this sword has been the hardest. I still don't like my pictures. The hilt is cast bronze and hammered for texture. It is amazingly comfortable in my hand.

  • Well, Laura and I have finished watching the Lord of the Rings Extended Version, all three of them in their entirety. I am somewhat disappointed. I was rooting for the Dark Lord. I just wanted to see how a flaming eyeball would go about putting on a ring. No fingers, you see?

    Actually, the extended versions fill in many holes and I am very pleased with them. I won't give details because there will be some poor soul who has not seen it yet, but essentially what was filled in was a rich tapestry of backstory that made the books so compelling. Details of character and a sense of depth that made Middle-Earth real to those who read the tales.

    I must confess, I have always thought the title WitchKing was the coolest. Long before I was practicing Wicca, I wanted to be The WitchKing. At one point I tried to register but some dude in Argentina owns it and appears to be a practicing satanist or something. He has done nothing with the website. Ahhh, well, my sponsor would not have approved. She would doubtless feel that such a fanciful title would go to my head.

    One thing about the Lord of the Rings, it inspires you to look for the best in people and the world around you. Of keen interest to me was the theme of parents and children; of living up to expectations set for you, claiming you inheritance and coming into your own. As a future parent, this is now of interest to me. I know it is wrong to try to live vicariously through your children and that they must chose their own path, but parents always have high hopes for thier children. My hope is that if ever there is gathered a small band of heroes to restore order to a world plunged into darkness and chaos . . . that my child be the cause of the darkness and chaos.

    That's not too much to ask is it?