Friday, October 22, 2004

More Random, A Miracle & A Great Kerry Link At The End

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Kilts at my handfasting!
  • This site has really had traffic pick up recently. The tracking software I am using is freeware, so while it is kind of cool to see that people are visiting I don’t get a clear picture of what brings them here, what they look at, etc. It is my suspicion that 90% of the traffic is women desperately looking for pictures of men in kilts. Hence the photo of the day (my beloved wife mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like “you wish”).

    Still, this site does not get any significant volume of traffic really. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of embarrassing how little it gets which is why I am dancing round the numbers. The upshot is, there are a handful of devoted readers, a bunch of click throughs and another bunch of pop-in and pop outs.

    Nonetheless, a bit of magic has occurred here. Out of the millions of blogs out there, out of the hundreds of millions of internet users out there, random circumstance brought someone to my blog who read Letting go(note: for some reason I have to try blogger links twice to get them to work. I have no idea what is up with that). You can read the comments left at this post for yourself and determine: do you think a Higher Power might have been involved?

    She works in mysterious ways.

    Ok, kill the U2 music in my brain please.

    On another happy note; I have finally been asked to a rock concert by a really attractive, popular girl! It took thirty-five years, but finally one of the popular crowd has asked me out! I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the kilts!!

    Oh, okay. I confess. She’s actually the teenage daughter of one of the coven and her mom told her she needed an adult to take her. It has nothing to do with the kilts. Just I tend to like the same hard rock she does. In fact, she has been a major part of me catching up to the current musical world and it has been greatly appreciated. I’m really enjoying the music she is introducing me to. It is loud, hard, fast, obnoxious and adolescent. So it’s good stuff. She also got me hooked on Avril Lavigne. She is a cool kid and she’s on the honor roll. I can’t wait to go to a concert with her, it will be a lot of fun, although she has expressed some alarm at my plans to stage dive in a kilt.

    I won’t get to do this with my kid. When my kid is that age they’ll think I am ancient and irrelevant because I am their parent. And that is natural and normal. So I do intend to enjoy this.

    Let’s see . . . work. Whenever I want to feel stupid, useless and irrelevant, I can think of work. I really can’t complain because I have chosen to stay there, but it is really bad for my self-of-steam (I used to work on an adolescent psychiatric unit back when insurance covered mental illness and one of the girls always wrote in her notebook to staff that she had poor self-of-steam). So, work is not fun. Enough on that topic.

    Can you imagine a Kerry victory? Click on the link and enjoy. That is the goal, that is the country I am working towards. Vote. Vote. Vote. If you are voting for Kerry and you can, vote twice. If you are voting for Bush, stay home and have a cold beer or twelve.

    Good Morning Goddess Brigit, my name is Andy and I am a hopeless drunk. You gave me hope on Imbolc 2001 and I have been kept sober since by Your grace and Your grace alone. I’d like to take this moment to thank you, my Higher Power for this daily reprieve. Today is a good day to be sober!

    Please be with me today, all through the day and help me stay sober all day long. Show me Your will for me and grant me the power to carry that out. Thy will, not mine be done. Thank You, Blessed Be.