Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random Ramblings

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Zoey checks to see if the coast is clear after some unspeakable mischief.

  • Samhain is going to be cool . . . things are coming together. This ritual is going to rock.

    List of movies not to suggest to pregnant wife:
    Rosemary’s Baby

    It is also a good idea to not suggest that one could reap quite a windfall off of ebay auctioning off the child. Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

    Blowout for John Kerry?

    Maybe. It is not inconceivable. If you look at the polls 200.4 for each state, it is amazing to see how close most of them are. Not Texas, but almost all of the others. Very few red states are blood red, most are kind of a pinkish color. If the undecideds break for Kerry, as they are likely to do, then you get a blowout . . . in Kerry’s favor. I’m not the world’s best at explaining this, for a better overview visit Daily Kos: Kerry Blowout and Emerging Democratic Majority. They have great discussions of what is up with the polls.

    Right now Kerry has the big momentum thing swinging his way. Over the past two weeks he has gained a point a day in the most reliable polls. Again, I recommend Emerging Democratic Majority and The Left Coaster for the poll discussions. Those guys go way past just the horse race number (Bush is up by eight! Kerry and Bush are tied! Kerry ahead by one! Kerry behind nationally but up by six in battleground states!) and looks at the internals of the polls, the composition of their survey samples, etc. I had some concerns in reading these sites that I was conning myself into believing what I wanted to believe, but those concerns have been somewhat alleviated by interviews, academic commentary and by the behavior of the Republican party.

    The big dog is back.

    That’s right—Bill Clinton will be campaigning for John Kerry starting next week. I want big Bill to take care of himself, but I also want his persuasiveness out on the trail. It will steal headlines from Bush and give Kerry a nice little push. I miss Bill Clinton. He actually cared about this nation and the people who live here. Frankly, I’d rather be lied to about a blowjob than about the reasons we’re going to war. That blowjob didn’t kill anybody—not a single soul. It hurt a lot of people, deeply and personally, but it was really no big deal. It was a private matter between Bill and Hillary Clinton. We did not need to even know about it.

    Iraq is bad and getting worse.

    We have 1,100 dead now. 8,000 wounded. The filthy little secret about the wounded is that many of them are the walking dead. Body armor and helmets keep the body alive, but I hear that a lot of these soldiers have sustained massive internal brain injuries. Explosions that would have killed them a decade ago they are surviving, but with such damage to their nervous system that they cannot function.

    In Vietnam, we were there to stop the spread of communism. Guess what? There were real communists in Vietnam.

    There were few to no terrorists in Iraq before the invasion. Now they are coming there to kill our children, our neighbors and our heroes. My child gets to grow up in a world that hates Americans. When I think about it I get so angry I don’t just want to kick his ass back to Crawford. I want to air drop his ass into Fallujah.

    I promise . . . back to spiritual stuff after the election. I have a lot of resentments to work out.