Sunday, April 03, 2005

Catholic Church Commentary

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  • I stand before you accused of ignoring the death of a "truly great man" Pope John Paul II, in order to push forward my liberal agenda by commenting on the death of Mr. Fred Korematsu. This accusation is asinine for a host of reasons but since the point was raised, I will address it.

    I don't like to comment upon the Catholic church and its doings much because I wind up hurting the feelings of the many Catholics whom I know and like. To be quite blunt, I regard the Catholic church as the most evil institution in all of human history. Whatever good it has ever done is dwarfed by the magnitude of destruction and despoilment of all that is worthwhile in mankind committed in its name. A brief history of Catholic Infamy would include highlights such as:

  • The murder of the practicioners of Gnostic Christianity and the extinguishment of the Gnostic faith.
  • The annihilation of Celtic civilization within the Roman Empire.
  • Complete eradication of all native European religions, from the Celtic, Germanic, Roman and Norse to even the Egyptian.
  • The destruction and partial erasure of Celtic Christianity in Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
  • Attacks upon the bastions of the civilized world via the Crusades. At that time the Islamic world represented the best hope of mankind, enlightened and educated, Islam was the repository of worldly and philosophical knowledge.
  • The inquisition: a war upon the remnants of native European faith and all women living in Catholic controlled lands.
  • Wars of genocide upon native Central, South and North American Native tribes. The result was the complete and utter extermination of many of these tribes.
  • Systemic attacks upon science, knowledge and the enlightenment.
  • Instutionalized anti-Semitism for over a milleneum resulting in the deaths of untold millions of Jewish people.
  • A complete willingness to allow the Nazi regime to carry out the Holocaust (for the Catholic church, this was a vast improvement in behaviour. The church as a whole did not actively participate in the Holocaust!).
  • Supported and allowed the "Magdeline" convents in Ireland.
  • Allowed, and by omission encouraged, the wholesale molestation of children by priests in the United States.

    I'm sure I have missed huge, huge inhumanities conducted in the name of Catholocism. But this will do for a start.

    So, I don't comment very often on the Catholic church, for while I know many Catholics who are wonderful, warm positive people; indeed even priests who are living forces for good in the world, I despise the institution in which they are spiritually active. Overall, I would support the eradication of the Catholic church. It would be better consigned to the dustbin of history.

    That is the bottom line on my take on this and I don't think I will need to revisit this topic again. This pretty much says it all.
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