Sunday, March 27, 2005

Prayers Do Get Answered

  • My three girls, from left to right, Thelma (yawning), Laura and Zoey.

  • When I was younger and more foolish (like about ten minutes ago) I would pray that before I died, I would get to sleep with at least two, and preferably three naked, willing females at once. The trouble with prayers is that the Goddess has a great sense of humor. So, I wander from the study to the bedroom and I have to laugh.

    Right there in front of me is my answered prayer. Three naked females, all willing to sleep with me. It was too cute to pass up and I took a picture. In two or so months I'll be able to have four naked females, all willing to sleep with me. I am a truly lucky, blessed man. I have a great Higher Power and She gives me what I need, not what I want. I'm grateful for that; often what I want is not necessarily good for me.

    A comment on the sex with multiple women thing, or the male fascination with lesbians. Women, straight and gay, have asked me why men find that so alluring. I think there is nothing complex about it, it is a case of simple math. If having sex with one woman is good, well, two would logically be better and so on.

    I have this problem with a lot of things. If one kilt is cool, two would be cooler. If one skull is spooky, two would be spookier.

    Those are pretty harmless, but I have to be careful. I need to remember that if one shot of vodka was cool, two was warm, three was bliss and on and on until my life was ruined.

    Speaking of which, you would think I run a sex blog based on the search terms people have used to find me recently:

    pictures of terri schiavo (Google) Hopefully they were not looking for sex pix, that would be a very sick.

    attorney general alberto gonzalez wife kids (Google) Hey, the guy's an asshole and an embarrassment as an Attorney General, but LEAVE HIS FAMILY OUT OF IT!

    cheerleaders striptease (Yahoo) I like this one. I may go run this search myself!

    smokey the asshole (Yahoo) Well, our cat was an asshole. We loved him anyway.

    easy way to eat sperm (Yahoo) Uh, have you tried swallowing? It applies to most everything else you eat, so it might work for sperm too. There are some websites that specialize in this, but I don't believe they are instructional.

    voluntary simplicity blog (Google) This is a worthwhile topic.

    step one powerlessness (Yahoo) As is this.

    better sex with wife (Yahoo) Hmmm, maybe I should run this search as well.

    punk kilts (Yahoo) Badass!

    brigit meditation (Yahoo) Another search I should run.

    admitting to infidelity (MSN) Mmmm. Check with a counselor or your sponsor before doing this. You may feel you need to admit it, but you may also inflict a lot of pain by doing so. It's not right to hurt others so that you feel better.

    How to give oral sex to a man (MSN) A search my wife should run. No, I don't mean she's bad, its just there are some skills in life you should always seek to improve.

    'Twelve steps" AND Wicca (Yahoo) You're at the right place! That's why I started this blog! Hope you find something worthwhile here.

    aa stepwork (Yahoo) See above.

    el capitan tattoos (Yahoo) Yeah, he's got some nice ones.

    Marital Infidelity statistics (Yahoo) Omni did a better job with these than I did.

    masturbate while pregnant (Yahoo) Good idea. I'm kinky, so I might look this one up as well.