Thursday, March 24, 2005

DFW Gun Range: Customer Service Award

  • If you are a gun enthusiast, I highly recommend the folks at DFW Gun Range.

  • When I went out to the firing range with my newfound conservative friends, I was nervous. There were a lot of fears in my mind; honestly I thought they probably did not want me around. Then there was the whole gun thing-they make me nervous. I figured that everyone at the firing range would pick me out for a newbie and I was not sure how the whole kilt thing would go over. So you could say I was hesitant.

    One thing I have been learning since getting sober, most people, given a chance and treated with respect, will treat you with respect as well. I have some new friends and I am glad that I do-I have never worried about having too many friends. A second thing I have learned in sobriety is that most of the things I am afraid of either don't happen or are not near as bad as I feared. That was the case here. The people at the range were polite, friendly and helpful. I had a pleasant experience.

    One problem: the folks at the range accidentally charged my credit card three times for the range fee, targets and Uzi rental.

    When I contacted them, I was sure they would refund the money, but I figured it would be a pain, that it would take a couple of days, that I would have to drive down in person and so on. Well, I did not figure on the fact that polite, friendly and helpful describes the overall attitude at the DFW Gun Range. I spoke with Kimberly and she was willing to take a fax of the reciepts and then do the refund. She did it, called me back to let me know she did it and asked my address so that she could mail me a hard copy of the reciept.

    That's great customer service. Sprint screws up my bill and I have to hunt them down and email and call repeatedly. A local restuarant double charged me once; I called them, they took my information, but I never heard from another human again. I saw the refund appear on the online statement. I really appreciated the call back from Kimberly at the DFW Gun Range.

    So, yesterday when I got the mail, I was not surprised to see a letter from the DFW Gun Range in the mail. I was very surprised to find enclosed a coupon for a free concealed handgun course ($120 value) enclosed.

  • A very nice way to make up for an error.

  • Now, that is GREAT customer service! Pretty good marketing too. I actually sat there for a few minutes going hmmm, maybe I should take a concealed carry class... when will I have a chance like this again... I could use a concealed handgun for something, couldn't I?

    Kimberly, thank you very much, I appreciate your thinking of me. I know that what with the discounts offered to the Texas Blogfest participants and the fact that the credit card companies probably gouged you guys for at least 3-5% on each of four transactions (one legitimate charge, two overcharges and a refund) you may well have lost money on me. So I am very aware that this offer will cost you money.

    Kimberly, I'm not going to take advantage of it. It's not my thing. I had fun (are you paying attention Senor El Capitan? I admitted I enjoyed it), but there are a couple of reasons for me to politely decline:

  • I am about two months from having my first child. It just does not seem a wise time to have a gun in a house with two adults who know nothing about guns and an infant inside.

  • I cannot afford another hobby and guns are an expensive hobby.

  • I'm still scared of guns in general, although less so than before.

  • The gun range still does not seem a likely place to pick up hot chicks.

  • If I did pick up hot chicks (at the gun range or anywhere else), my wife would kill me with her bare hands.

  • So, you can logically see how if I took advantage of the free concealed carry class, sooner or later it would lead to me being killed. Thank you very much, but I will have to decline.

    What I will do is tell anyone with even a remote interest in firearms about how great the DFW Gun Range is, how knowledgeable, helpful and courteous the staff is, and how much I enjoyed it. You guys are the best and I would be glad to steer customers your way. Keep it up and maybe I will see you at the Blogfest next year!