Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Small Series Of Directed Obscenities

  • One tank of gas, 450 miles, 50.0 miles per gallon. And I did not realize the Air Conditioning was on until it got really cold! Sweet.

  • Whoo hooo! Okay guys, crank up the gas prices! I figure that it will take a full 35% hike in gas prices before I am even close to paying what I did for gas this time last year. All I can say is Fuck You and Your H2. No really man. That piece of crap really is nothing more than a Chevy Tahoe. I know someone who assembles them at AM General and apparently the H2 is really a joke. Poorly made, poorly assembled, it is a real fuck-the-consumer vehicle. If you can't afford the real thing (the H1 Hummer), just don't even bother. For God's sake, have some dignity and buy a Suburban. Please.

    Speaking of which, my friend is currently one of a handful of people who builds the real HumVees, the ones that go to Iraq and Afghanistan. She's a committed Christian who prays for the soldiers as she builds them. I know she works very diligently wanting to insure that our soldiers have the best she can do. Kudos to her on that.

    I wonder if the soldiers mind a lesbian praying for them as she makes the vehicles they will ride in? Probably not, they would not turn away any well wishes, prayers or thoughts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could be treated like a full human being with equal rights as everyone else? The right to marry and create her own family? She's a real patriot, a devout Christian and a wonderful partner. She discovered her partner had Hodgkins disease shortly after they started dating. Took her to treatments, stuck with her through thick and thin. Supported her partner after medical care expenses bankrupted her partner (that is not allowed anymore, thanks to the GOP and some asshole Dems). She'd be a wonderful spouse. I love her very much and am privileged to know her. What a neat lady.

    One more major FUCK YOU to the GOP for voting to allow drilling an ANWR. You are supposedly Christians and that means that God mad you stewards of the earth, right? Sad way to exercise your "dominion". Fuck You for ruining this pristine wilderness before my daughter got to see it. Before I got to see it. Fuck You, you selfish bastards.

    Good thing for them the Goddess is more loving than I am.