Friday, January 07, 2005

Political Loose Ends

(c) Andy Ternay
  • I don't know what Zoey chewed up this time but she's knows she's been a bad girl. Guys, be careful what you pray for. I think this was a direct response to my prayer for a "naughty girl" to enter my life.

  • Congratulations Democrats. You, collectively, do have a set of balls. They aren't very big and apparently they are retractable, but they exist. California Senator Barbera Boxer has won my undying admiration for standing up and signing the objection to Ohio's slate of electors. Many Democrats in the House and Senate spoke about the irregularities in the voting in Ohio. Good work. Good work on the part of those of you who made the calls, wrote the emails, etc. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. Senator Boxer said constituent response was an important part of her decision to contest the results.

    Our Corporate Run American Press (CRAP) have completely failed to cover the story. No surprises there, they have been AWOL since day one. So we have to soldier on without them.

    On the same day, the Democrats also showed some balls questioning our Attorney General-to-be, Alberto Gonzolaz. You know, growing up I was taught that torture was something the Nazis and the Soviets did, not Americans. As a matter of fact, I was raised to think that torture was something American soldiers were sometimes sent to put a stop to. I think of this President's father, who overthrew Noriega in Panama. We did not go in there to stop the tortures, but that was something we were able to do along the way.

    Now the architect of Gitmo and Abu Ghraib will be our chief law enforcement officer. This is a man who testified under oath yesterday that the executive branch could ignore the law if it chose to do so. On two separate occasions he specifically said that it would be a serious matter that would require consideration before the Executive branch decided not to follow laws passed by Congress which the Executive branch felt were unconstitutional. That is a big deal folks. Our new chief law enforcement officer has just said that the system of checks and balances in the United States Constitution is irrelevant in his view.

    Really the question before us now is what do we do to stay active between now and the 2006 elections? Well, there are three places that I can recommend getting involved in:

    For immediate, day to day activism and chances to make your voice heard on a daily basis, try Media Matters For America. Media Matters is a young organization, a liberal watchdog grop to counter the nonsense broadcast by our Corporate Run American Press (CRAP). They have daily assignments to keep you busy.

    As a mid-term goals organization, I highly recommend Democracy For America. There you can help Governor Howard Dean take back the Democratic party from the corporate shills and put it back in the hands of the actual people who make up the Democratic party. As the late Senator Paul Wellstone said, and Dean now says: The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

    Long term goals require long term training. I recommend getting involved with the Rock Ridge Institute to learn what you can to create a progressive America over the long run.

    I have heard it said that we are at least a decade away from starting to see consistent, real success on the part of progressives, that we are playing catchup to a highly organized, well-financed conservative machine that now controls all three branches of government and the media. All of that is true. But we have one thing on our side: the truth. If you don't believe me look at this administrations justifications, rationalizations and double-talk.

    If you are telling the truth, you don't need to justify, rationalize or misrepresent.

    Blessings to all ya'll, yeah, even the conservatives.