Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blessed Beyond Belief

  • The beautiful women in my life.

  • This may start off sounding like TMI but bear with me. Ever since adolescence I have had a sexual fantasy of being with more than one woman at the same time. Not unusual for a straight guy. Over the years I have poured tons of energy and thoughts into this fantasy. I have vividly wished for it to come true.

    Now, jump with me here: we were discussing the idea of creating your own reality. The idea is that you create what you put your energy into. Think about it. If you go around on Mondays saying to yourself Mondays are always awful, I hate Mondays I bet you will find that your Mondays are horrible. Head out the door and to go a party and think this will be great and it will be. This can be applied to much larger scale thoughts with equal success. You can call it quantum physics, power of positive thinking, psychology, creative visualization, magick, affirmations, whatever. The name does not matter.

    It is simply the old rules of magick: invoke often and banish often. Invoke what you want to happen by name, by words, surround yourself with images of it, write it over and over, pray for it, whatever. Banish what you do not want. Be careful though: if you want to lose weight and constantly say I don't want to be fat, I'm tired of being fat, I won't eat fatty foods, etc. you are not banishing fat; you are invoking it. Odds are, you will fail.

    One other big point; when you invoke, be as specific as possible. For example, if you want a big promotion, imagine the larger paycheck. Start window shopping for furniture for the new corner office. See projects completed successfully in your mind.

    Again, call it magick, call it affirmations, it does not matter the name. All of these systems for creating your own reality tell you that what will happen is over time various coincidences, accidents and happenstances will conspire to make your intent a reality. Serendipity, the happy accident, will make your dreams come true.

    Back to my sexual fantasies. I am a very word oriented person. When I have fantasized about being with more than one woman there is a very specific phrase or mantra I have used over and over since I was probably about thirteen years old: God (more recently Goddess), please let me at least once in my life sleep with more than one willing, eager female at a time. On some occasions I imagine images of women, but mostly it was just the words. Since I have been married, I'm kinda picturing a threesome with my wife (Laura is banishing much more effectively than I am invoking).

    So why hasn't my intent happened? Why hasn't my fantasy been fulfilled? After all this energy and time one would expect something to have happened.

    Let's look at what I am wishing for: to sleep with more than one female at a time. Also, keep in mind that I believe in a loving, kind Goddess who will give me what I need, not necessarily what I want. And my request has been very specific: sleep with.

    I can hear the Goddess laughing right now. Because She gave me my wish exactly as I asked for it. Don't tell me she does not have a sense of humor. This morning I woke up in a bed full of females delighted to sleep with me. There was my wife, my daughter, my dog Zoey and the cat, Thelma.

    Yep, She has a sense of humor alright. She also gives me what I need and not what I want. And in doing so, She has enriched my life beyond belief. I am very fortunate and very blessed.

    But if Laura ever changes her mind, I'll let you know I'm taking applicants.