Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Quick, If Belated, Comment On Deep Throat

You can go and visit pretty much any professional conservative commentators recent columns and see an attack upon Mark Felt for betraying the Nixon administration. I'm not going to link because there are so many and they all sound the same talking points:
  • Mark Felt was disloyal
  • Mark Felt should have gone up the chain of command with his complaints
  • Relying on anonymous sources who are attacking the administration is somehow underhanded; relying on anonymous sources to support the administration is somehow okay.
    In addition there is a small, yet substantial subset of especially rabid attack dogs who are especially brutal about Mark Felt; their complaints seem to cover essentially two areas:
  • Mark Felt told the truth, the truth brought down the Nixon administration and I lost a prestigious position of power.
  • Mark Felt told the truth and I got to spend a couple of years in prison as a result.

    My response to all of this is essentially this: all of these objections amount to sour grapes. You guys broke the rules, you got caught, you had to pay the price. If the Nixon administration had not committed that stupid, silly crime then the legacy would have been incredibly different. Nixon would be remembered for so many other things that he did. It was stupid, it was wrong, it was illegal and the nation is better off that the whole sordid mess got sorted out in the public areana.

    I do believe that this whole debate does reflect a growing concern among members of the current administration that their crimes are far worse than Nixon's and I do believe this to be probably true. But they need not worry; the current media is a gelded stallion; pretty to look at, big and loud, but completely impotent due to the power of their corporate masters. Whistleblowers? We've had a dozen or more from this administration; all swept under the rug. So, truth and rule of law have lost out in the current atmosphere. So what? We have only our children's futures to lose.

    I try to have faith and hope; based not on human institutions or individuals, but on my belief in a kind and loving Creatress. Time will flow forward, in at least a relative sense, so this too shall pass. Things will improve; despite the best efforts of humans thwart Her work.

    Here is wishing all of you a peaceful day. I don't know why, but I woke up frightened for our soldiers in Iraq, so here is a special prayer for their safety. Blessings.
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