Sunday, May 15, 2005

Birth Info; Recovery Info

  • Ever wonder what a coven of witches looks like in full robes on a mountaintop while holding a box of their best friend's ashes? Of course you have, and here it is. That's me doing the Gandalf impression with the staff. Note Jewel is the only one who looks cool. Those Matrix folks were right, sunglasses make any outfit cool.

  • Birth information: tomorrow at 4pm CST Laura will go in for an exam. If she has progressed on her own; i.e. the cervix is dialating, etc. she will be sent home and asked to return the following day. On her return they will administer ptosin to induce labore.

    A more likely scenario is that she will not have started the process, in which case they will administer prostoglandin vaginally. She will then have to stay through the night and on Tuesday morning they will evaluate her progress and determine whether or not to administer ptosin to bring on contractions.

    Bad News: There is no internet access in the labor and delivery room. Apparently, they think that husbands, boyfriends and support people will have other things in mind besides blogging. Ignorant fools! Blogging comes first, even before breathing! However, the nurses do use wireless laptops on EMAR carts to administer medications. These wireless laptops have internet access. So, you may yet see a blog entry or two from me during labor and delivery. Probably very, very brief ones.

    Good News: The postpartum room will have high speed internet access! Yah!

    Recovery Related News: The Spiral Steps are now available via a Yahoo group!

    Spiral Steps groups are for people who are working to become healthier overall. Topics can include: codependency, alcohol, drugs, food, money & sex issues, priest & priestess work, mentoring, dysfunctional family (or dysfunctional Circle) issues, surviving abuse and/or break-ups. These are also good meetings for those who are caregivers. Spiral Steps groups are also excellent support groups for those of us trying to be healthy people in an unhealthy culture. The emphasis is on recovery, health, balance and taking our power back.

    These meetings are open to all who seek healing and who respect the ethics of Earthwise spirituality, including Pagans, Wiccans, Buddhists, Humanists, Goddess Celebrants, Native Americans, Druids, Pagan-friendly Christians &
    Jews, New Age folks, Shamans, Mystics, etc. All are welcome.

    Those interested can go to: The moderator is named Minerva. For more information please visit: Spiral Steps or email DJ at: info at