Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We're Ready

...As we'll ever be to enter this parenthood thing. In terms of material possessions, our families, friends, coworkers, and in one case, even our enemies (work enemies anyway) have been so kind and so generous that out of our extensive list of supplies the only things we are lacking are the Jogging Stroller (the sporty three wheel kind) and Polysporin ointment! Actually we are short a few breast feeding supplies but that is an area I am not going to take responsibility for.

In addition we have gotten so much positive support, encouragement and advice, especially from you, my readers, that we have decided to let you raise our daughter. To that end, we will install a webcam and a pair of cybernetic arms with a remote control panel. If you could, please page one of us in eighteen years to let us know to send her to college, okay? Ha, just kidding!

Actually, I am very deeply appreciative of the fact that you guys care enough to offer your thoughts, encouragement and hope. It is very heartening. I don't think I have ever gotten a compliment as heartfelt as that from Delftsman who said: Having met you, I think I can honestly say that you will make a much better father than I've been. Just relax, and trust your instincts, you'll be GREAT!

It is my feeling that anyone who can say that probably is not giving themselves enough credit. I met Delftsman at the Texas Blogfest and here is my take on the guy: he is a conservative wingnut and I like him very much. I don't often couple those two thoughts together so I think it says something about how much of a positive impression he left that I do couple those thoughts. Besides which he just got fucked hard by an insurance company and has my sincere and deep sympathies. I have been in his shoes and I know that feeling of powerless, impotent anger.

Hey, sudden thought struck me: wouldn't it be really funny if the huge powerful multinational corporations were carefully encouragaing and orchestrating the left vs. right fight so that we, the people, would not be able to unite to curtail their obscene concentration of power into a few hands? I mean, they get us so wrapped up into Terri Schiavo and abortion and then we don't notice they are picking our pockets and curtailing our rights? But that could never happen, could it?

I have to go to work now. Again, thank you.

By the way, I now have had two published authors stop by! Thanks Lilith Stormcrow!