Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What The Bleep Do We Know Anyway?

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  • Last night Laura and I watched a movie called What The Bleep Do We Know?. This movie is a little different from most in that the way it was made was to interview various people: quantum physicists, physicians, psychiatrists, theologians and spiritual teachers. The storyline came from the interviews with these people. The storyline follows actress Marlee Matlin as Amanda, a photographer whose life is buffetting her with various circumstances. As her life unfolds, it is explained in interview vignettes how quantum physics shows that the thoughts we have influence the world we live in.

    In other words, we are responsible for our own destiny.

    If we expect disaster to happen to us; it will. If we expect to succeed, we will. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our beliefs and intentions shape our lives.

    I wish I could explain this a little better. However, I was consciously trying to shape the outcome of the movie in that I was really wanting to see Amanda get it on with her roommate, Jennifer, played by Elaine Hendrix. Now, you are no doubt saying, Andy, you know full well this was no x-rated porn flick. Why didn't you pay attention instead of daydreaming?

    Because recent experiments in quantum physics have shown conclusively that information in the present has changed information in the past. Yes, you can reread that: information in the present has changed information in the past.

    So, it was not unreasonable to hope that I would be able, through conscious thought, change the past in such a manner that is was a porn flick and I would get to see Jennifer and Amanda doing the primate split tail grooming routine. It is no doubt due to the fact that I am somewhat of a novice at these things that I did not succeed.

    Adolescent sexual fantasies aside, the movie went on to use addiction in a sense that I had not heard before. They used the word addiction to describe any overstimulation of the neurotransmitters in the brain. In their definition you can become addicted to anger, lust and emotions the same way you can become addicted to heroin. But you can break the addiction by making a conscious choice to not make the same choices over and over again. You chemically reprogram the brain to not be oversensitized to whatever the addiction is.

    Boiled down I would say the movie leaves you with three essential concepts:
  • You are responsible for your own life. Invisible fate my impact your life but the choices you make will alter the outcome. Make poor choices, face an unpleasant outcome. Make good choice and watch sucess come from nowhere.
  • Decisions we make repeatedly, such as to have a good attitude and be friendly, become addictive in that we seek to repeat them for the same chemical stimulation in the brain.
  • We are not separate from God. We are a part of God.

    Pretty bold, eh? But right in line with what Wicca teaches. Right in line with what experience has shown me.

    Think for a second about the news. Set aside liberal or conservative and just think about the content. Are we creating a society addicted to fear and insecurity? Is this a good choice to make?

    I intend to raise my daughter with an awareness of these principles and an expectation that she can influence the world around her with simply her thoughts. It will be interesting to watch what happens as she grows.

    On a more immediate note, things will be changing around this blog soon. So be prepared to see principles such as these put into action.

    Blessings and love to you.
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