Monday, February 14, 2005

Musings On The Anal Proclivities Of Conservatives.

  • Zoey thinks she is hidden. She has that ostrich thing going on. She is also getting to be a little too fat of a sausage to fit under there.

  • I feel very angry about what I am reading from conservative pundits, commentators and blogs.

    I would really like to invite the conservatives who are celebrating Howard Dean's ascension to the head of the DNC as a fatal move by the DNC to suck the cum out of my bleeding asshole. The problem with that is simply that, not being gay, a bottom or into games with turkey basters, there really is no ejaculate in my rectum. Indeed, my sphincter is also intact and not bleeding. I just happen to think that felching semen from a bloody anus is about as vile and loathsome an act as could be imagined and that is what I want to wish for them. And it sounds wrong to invite them to do aforementioned act from someone else's backside.

    Instead, I could invite them to play russian roulette with their loaded, double action automatic pistols. If I recall my gun terminology correctly, that should result in the discharge of a bullet into their skull. This would also be inappropriate, because knowing conservatives for being the wife beating vicious assholes that I do, I assume they would probably shoot their wives and children first. That always seems to precede the suicide of these creeps. In fact, it is not unknown for one of them to kill the wife and child but chicken out when it comes to suicide and that is how the police get them. Kind of like how their support for war ends the instant it appears that they will be called to serve. So, I can't really invite them into suicide.

    So, if I cannot wish those I detest sexual humiliation or violence, what can I wish for them?

    I can wish for them all the things I want in my life: peace, love, prosperity, security, serenity, family, friendship, forgiveness, tolerance and a relationship with a loving, accepting, God of their own understanding.

    It seems weak and unmanly almost, to wish well for those I deeply resent. But this is what my spiritual path teaches me. In fact, initially I do not do this for them; I do it for myself, to rid myself of the poisons of resentment, hatred, anger and fear. As I progress in my spirituality, I learn that I also do this for them as well, because all people (including myself) are to some degree spiritually and mentally sick. Recognizing this, I pray that they too will be healed. Then I try to let it go and start my day.

    Besides, these sick bastards probably pay to felch their own spunk from the rectums of prostitutes they hire using payoff money from the Bush administration to shill whatever bullshit program is on the agenda this week.