Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Corpse Bride

  • Still from the trailer for the Corpse Bride.

  • It's hard for me to imagine hating any culture or people enough to want to join with others and lie in wait in the woods to ambush them and kill them. I really can't fathom that kind of hatred. Even Republicans. Sure, I sometimes want to tie them up (usually around the first Tuesday in November) and toss them in a closet for a day or two, but that is about it. Fundamentalist Christians? They annoy me and sometimes they anger me, but I have real and concrete reason to believe that when they die they are in for one hell of a shock when they meet their Creator and find out that She is a Goddess of love, acceptance and tolerance; not a god of anger and judgement.

    I'm also not a big fan of weddings, even my own. But nonetheless, I would not kill the bride and bury her in a shallow grave. Just not my thing.

    But that is apparently the history behind Tim Burton's new movie, the Corpse Bride.

    What is the deal with picking on the Jews? Hell, look at European history. Something good happens-people celebrate by attacking the Jews. Something bad happens-people blame the Jews and attack them. Nothing happens-everybody gets bored, forms a mob and attacks the Jews. It is no wonder Isrealis tend to shoot anything that comes their way! How did the Jews get stuck with all the blame for Jesus' death? The Romans were the civil authority. Nobody goes around attacking Italians because of it.

    The Corpse Bride is based on a Russian folktale. It is a good story and you can read it right here. I guess it might be a movie spoiler, so you may want to skip it, but I found it to be a beautiful and moving tale. And the dude almost got to score with a undead chick and a live chick, so he wasn't doing too bad for a mortal. The folktale derived from the habits of Russians who would attack Jewish wedding parties and kill the bride.

    I guess we are more civilized now. I mean, the Serbs were only killing the Muslim Bosnian men. They let the women live. Of course they raped them to humiliate them first.

    No, we are not more civilized.

    Sometimes I just wonder if She will ever get so tired of our violence and hate that She will just press the reset button at start over with a more sophisticated animal. Maybe the dolphin. As far as I know, dolphins have never killed anyone because they call God by a different name.

    Anyway, the movie looks good and I can't wait to see it.