Friday, January 28, 2005

More About Andy's Musical Taste Than You Ever Wanted To Know

I was infected by Zippo, The Pirate with this viral thing and now I am duty bound to answer it and pass it on. The link to Zippo's musical exposition is right here.

Let it begin...

If you click the song name that are highlit, AND you have iTunes installed, you will be immediately transported to the iTunes Music Store - if I copied the HTML from Zippo correctly.

If you don't have iTunes installed, click here to download iTunes for Mac or lesser machines.

Random 10

Using the Party Shuffle feature in Apple's iTunes here are the first 10 songs:

1. Killing An Arab, The Cure

2. Spanish Caravan, The Doors

3. Sunday Girl, Blondie

4. Isengard Unleashed, Howard Shore, Lord of The Rings: Two Towers Not on Itunes?? Weird.

5. You're Still the One, Shania Twain

6. Too Drunk to Fuck, Dead Kennedys Been there, done that.

7. Abolish Government/Silent Majority, TSOL

8. Sweet Surrender, John Denver

9. Die, Die My Darling, Metallica No Metallica on iTunes 'cause they are assholes. Talented, but assholes anyway.

10. The Ocean, Led Zepplin No Zep on iTunes either. That sucks.

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
There are 2,108 songs in my iTunes library. Approximately 100 tracks are actually spoken word Alcoholics Anonymous/Recovery related stuff.

2. The last CD you bought is:
REM: Document.

The stupid election made me want to listen to the two songs: Exhuming McCarthy and It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).

3. What is the song you last listened to before this message?
Paint it Black, Rolling Stones

4. 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

1) We All Come From The Goddess, And To Her We Shall Return, Moving Breath.

A member of my coven, Jim, died of cancer recently. We held his hands and sang this to him when we were saying goodbye to our friend.

2)Hyena, REM.

Actually, in some ways, this is a dodge, because I like the whole album, Life's Rich Peageant. My wife and I would listen to it on those fourteen hour drives to and from Colorado. It is filled with hope.

3) Boadicea, Enya.

Again, somewhat of a dodge, I like everything Enya has ever done, but this wordless, hummed tune is one I really enjoy. Besides which, Boadicea was a badass bitch who took on the Romans.

4)Halloween, The Misfits.

What can I say? Halloween/Samhain is my favorite holiday. The song has a grim sort of heathen atmosphere to it, although I don't advocate putting razors in apples myself.

5) Anarchy in the UK, The Sex Pistols.

This song will still make my adrenaline soar. The first time I heard it, I loved it. I listened to it every day until I wore out the cassette. Then, in keeping with punk ethics, I promptly pirated another. I still want to be in anarchy, it is my ideal form of government.

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to (three persons and why)??

1. Spencer Steele because he frequently writes about fascinating music and interesting bands.
2. Chris, 'cause I want to know what you listen to in rural Utah!
3. Skye, 'cause he and I worship the same Goddess and I want to know more about what brings him there.