Saturday, December 18, 2004

Media: Sex and Violence

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Sunset over the Pacific.

  • I find it entertaining that extremist fundamentalists are always whining about the content of today's media. The argument they publicly put forth is that the content of the shows is obscene. The highly entertaining part of this is that the conservative flagship network, Fox, is about the most consistently sexually explicit network out there.

    From my viewpoint, I would like it if we could replace every scene of explicit violence with a scene of explicit sex. Sex is infintely more life promoting that violence. However, in a media dominated by a very few corporations, all of whom put the bottom line ahead of any societal interest, if my suggestion were to be taken we would have an absolute disaster. The creative forces that labor at the behest of these corporations do not appear to have the capacity to understand or express the creative, nurturing and caring aspects of humanity. They would replace soulless violence with soulless sex under my suggestion above.

    Of course, sooner or later that would start to get old. Then they would return to their old friend and companion, violence, to boost ratings. No need to drop the sex, they would simply mix the two together. And why not? Aren't they just giving us what the consumer demands? After all, there are multiple websites marketing rape and torture. You can envision the new reality shows we would get were they allowed.

    I withdraw my suggestion. It would only make things worse.

    It is simply not as easy to make money off of the best that humans have to offer. People with high self esteem do not need a new car to prove it. Content people are not motivated to purchase items to change their life for the better.

    So, I hate the television. I regard it as an unwelcome guest for most part. I sit here typing and I can hear the news my wife is listening to and it is simply the regurgitation of the days violence.

    I have no idea how to raise a child in the world of today. I sit here feeling like an unwelcome alien in my country - my homeland - which seems filled with hostile and malignant humans ready to prey upon their fellow man. And when they do it, you can bet our beloved media will be right there to give us all of the gory details.

    Goddess, save us from ourselves.