Monday, December 13, 2004

Macs vs. Windows and the Prius

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Small desktop altar. That is an Isis statue. I don't really get into the Egyptian mythology but I have difficulty finding Goddess symbols I like, and I like many of the Isis statues.

  • Okay, data in on second tank of gas. The only thing different is that we inflated Diana's tires to the proper psi of 42 in front and 40 in back. On our first fill up we got 382 miles out of that tank of gas and an average mpg of 42.44mpg. This time around we got 422.9 miles out of a full tank of gas and 45.41mpg. Nice improvement, up a full 3 mpg! I also started to practice some of the special things you can do to increase mileage in the Prius, but to be honest I'm not sure that I understand the descriptions being given of these techniques, so it is unlikely that I am fully exploiting them.

    I don't expect to see much more improvement in Diana's mileage until spring. Cold weather kills mileage, and this is true of hybrids in general and the Prius specifically. Honda hybrids are, I think, geared more towards mpg and less toward emissions, so they take less of an mpg hit in cold weather. The primary purpose of the Prius was emissions reduction, so it takes an mpg hit to insure less emissions in the winter.

    Other Prius notes: driving Diana is great, but it is too easy to speed! The Continously Variable Transmission (CVT) is very smooth and as you accelerate there is no gear shifting to tell you how fast you are going. It is easy to accelerate, look down and see you are at 80! I drive conservatively (yeah, that is about the only conservative thing about me) and try to stay at or 5mph above the speed limit. I really have no other complaints (if that is even a complaint) about the Prius. It is everything I expected it to be and then some.

    On a less happy note, this week I fly out to California to do a major sales presentation to our biggest private label account. Last night I went to practice my powerpoint presentations and somehow in the Windows to Mac conversion I lost every animation for the presentation. Fuck, Goddamn it! That is several hours worth of work right out the window. It is absolutely infuriating.

    I want to make it clear, I hate Windows. There is no question in my mind that Windows and Republicans are engaged in an unholy alliance to destroy me. The voices in my head tell me so. Well, no, they actually don't, but that isn't the point.

    It is silly to let this upset me. Want to talk about feelings of powerlessness? How about dealing with Microsoft. Kinda makes me grateful that my biggest problem is only alcohol.

    Goddess, let me carry Your message today. May I be of use to my fellows. Please Goddess, bless those around me in need, Jewel, Ladyhawker and her family, Indra and Temprance. Keep an eye on our soldiers, please. Thank You, Blessed Be.