Friday, October 08, 2004

Trade Show Day One Wrapup

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Home for the next two days. Pretend you can't read the company name for the next couple of days until I get home and can blur that out.

  • Warning: per my earlier post here this current post contains a totally gratuitious and sexist reference to women's breasts. This was written earlier in the day, at the show.

    I am at the show right now, blogging away. It will be a slow weekend for us I think. I definately have a cold. Bleh.

    Some of the folks I least wanted to see are here. The president of that company that I felt kind of screwed me over by pretending to interview me in order to pump me for information about our product. Also present is the guy who “recommended” me for that interview. What an asshole. I have a lot of resentment in connection with this.

    There is also another company here whom I am very self conscious around. I was sent on a private label sales call to them and I screwed it up. Of course, I did not appreciate that I was handicapped by bad advice from a terrible coworker at that time. I need to get over my self consciousness around them. I am sure they don’t spend their day making fun of me.

    On the plus side, one of our biggest clients wants me to go out and train their sales staff. That would mean a trip to California, something that I would enjoy. Mmmm . . . road trip in the Prius? That was a very positive thing.

    I have approached one company for private label sales. Not a cold reception, but a cool one. I will still pursue it. Who knows? You can never predict outcomes.

    I really don’t enjoy sales. I need to look for another career.

    Stupid Products:
    Dog Poop Calender—yes, your monthly picture of dog shit. Who wouldn’t want one?

    Clever or Cool Products:
    Sadly, none thus far-at least none that are new to me. There are some that are cool, but not new.

    Gratuitous Pagan references:
    Artemis Natural Pet Food—based on the name I thought I might see a stern maiden at that booth. Nope, fat middle aged guy with a nasty attitude. There is also a Zeus dog groomer supply place. So, despite the names, I am pretty well convinced that if there are Pagans here, they, like me, are firmly in the broom closet at work. Funny I should say that though, I don’t know that it is true. I have a statue of Maat on my desk, a goddess image taped to my monitor, the question “Have you asked for Her guidance?” taped beside that. So, I am at least partially out of the broom closet at work.

    Nipple count (whether one or a pair, counts as one, I am counting the women, not the individual nipples): 4

    Cool tattoos: 0

    One lady who is selling those plaid dog collars has on a pair of plaid stocking. It sounds tacky, but it actually is really cool.

    Lunch: one small slice of cheese pizza and a 12oz diet Pepsi, $6.75. That is the worst piece of pizza I have had since the last piece of pizza I have had at a trade show.

    There is this one woman who I think works for the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturers Association) walking around. The hem of her skirt must be four inches above her knees. I think my company should join the APPMA.

    Battery is holding up better than I had expected.

    Business is very slow. Almost all of the aquarium product manufacturers are located below, on the first level. I think we get overlooked amongst all of the cat and dog stuff. Our booth is also at a disadvantage in theat it looks like a garage sale. We are next to the grooming constest area and that is bad for us as well. Groomers are not fish people. They are also mostly store employees and therefore not empowered to make purchase decisions.

    Despite all the sexist garbage herein, I'd about give my right hand to be with my wife right now. I was trying to be funny with the above, but I'm sick, my timing and wording are off and it just sounds tacky to me. Oh well.