Monday, September 27, 2004

WitchStock Saturday Night Blog (Still Six Days)

(c) Andy Ternay
  • An open meadow in the Circle Star Retreat
  • I have been at Witchstock for two whole days now and I ma feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Primarily this is in a good way. I’m not sure how to cover this experience, so I will go with my random intuition about what is important.

    I believe I have chosen wisely in choosing a spiritual path. Actually that is wrong what I did was I chose intuitively. My spiritual path has chosen me might be a better way of putting it. Witches and Pagans, they are my tribe. I belong here—these people are my people.

    One of the guys who is an elder in Celtic Groves Dragonlair suggested that a twelve-step meeting be held. So this morning we had a meeting, me, the drunk, a codependant, an al-anon, and an addict. It was a good meeting. Our commonness of purpose came from our powerlessness over our various addictions, our common reliance on a Higher Power as the source of the Power we need to overcome. It was interesting to know that no matter the addiction there is truly a common solution. That was magick, that was power, that was energy raising. When we held hands to say the serenity prayer I broke out in goosebumps.

    We played with energy in the energy raising workshop. I am pretty damn dense when it comes to magick or psychic energy, but I did feel something when I was told to conjure a ball of my own energy. I also think I felt something when the High Priestess of DragonLair sent energy my way.

    Later in the day, I went to the body painting fun-and-games session. I was feeling very, very shy and was engaged by the lady running the workshop to paint her back. So I did. There I was, sensually interacting with a topless woman in a non-sexual manner. That was a gift. So, I painted a very silly picture on her back.

    My covenmate, Loni painted my back, she integrated my tattoo into a painting of the tree of life.

    I have compiled a gallery of most of the pictures here.

    You know, I would be lying to say I did not have a sexual interest in these women. My relationship with my wife, Lisa, is more important to me. Also, the friendship of these women is more important to me. I am blessed with more maturity than I thought.

    I made time to wander some of the paths in the woods and partake of some of the spiritual joys of this place. I left offerings in the Fairy Grove, and the Womb of the Mother. There was a butterfly across the field from me, I thought it would be neat to photograph, it crossed the field and posed on the flower in front of me. The fields were golden with flowers and green with life—Mabon in Texas.

    I am tired as I type this and I am not able to express the depth of my emotion the way I would like to. Right now bonfire revel is going on but I am at the campground typing this. I needed to write it before I forgot it.

    Not all of today was me being comfortable in my own skin. Some of it was me being very uncomfortable in my skin. What I did about that was to try to commune with nature, and to talk with my peers about my feas and my hopes. That helped.

    Jewel blew me away with a tarot reading.

    So I am assuming it is now six days. And that I will be able to stop counting soon.