Saturday, September 18, 2004

Land of Vanishing Opportunity

(c) Andy Ternay

  • One of my better college professors posited that so long as there was a large, fluid, middle class in the United States of America, then America could not be radicalized. That is to say that the middle class has a vested interest in seeing to it that things not stay calm and that change be gradual. To me, that was disappointing because I wanted to radicalize the nation’s population to match my leftist, anarchist views.

    For the first time in the history of the United States, jobs that are being lost are the jobs that the middle class of this nation were invested into. Jobs are being lost in the tech, airline and small to medium corporate environment. It has been pointed out that jobs are being created to replace these lost careers. And that is true. Wal-Mart is still hiring cashiers and stockers. And that is not an atypical description of the new type of job opening an applicant is likely to find: low wage, almost no hope of advancement.

    In the meantime, college costs have gone up tremendously. Lisa and I have thought about going back to school. She is thinking about a masters in public health. Being the practical one, I am thinking about a degree in theology (I was kidding about the practical. That’s sarcasm).

    Our current combined annual income is well over $75,000. We cannot afford to go back to school. No question, no way. We simply cannot afford to go back to school without massive grants and student loans.

    So, jobs that allow for financial and career advancement are rapidly disappearing. At the same time the costs of the one thing that has led more people to financial success is rapidly becoming completely unaffordable.

    Well, it won’t happen overnight, but if those two trends continue the way they have, the middle class of this country should shrink dramatically over the next two decades. The lower class, bolstered by immigration and a larger population of veterans should grow rapidly.

    By that time, most of the major corporations will have shifted interest from the United States to the (by then) mature Asian market where consumers will have, by that time, large amounts of disposable income. The United States will probably start to resemble Brazil or South Africa, a first world nation in small, isolated enclaves and a third world hell for the rest of the nation.

    Hopefully guns will still be legal and common. Because then I will have a large population ready to radicalize. I might have my theology and I can then lead a revolution based on the cult I will have founded.

    And that is why I support Bush/Cheney ’04. They will annihilate that hated middle class that protects their class interests and bring about the revolution.

    On a more serous note, if we elect (not re-elect) those criminals, then the American public will deserve what it gets.

    Good morning Goddess, today looks like it is beautiful day! Thank You for keeping me sober yesterday and allowing me to wake with the gift of a clear head. I appreciate it. May I do thy will. Thank You and Blessed Be.