Thursday, August 12, 2004

Naked Women and the Dentist

Good Morning Goddess Brigit! Let me first of all thank You for this wonderful day! Today is a good day to be sober!

We got a new coffeemaker last night and it brews some powerful coffee. Our little old 4 cup brewer died and we have sent it to the Great Percolator in the Sky. So we bought this very expensive one and I added the same number of grounds as I would have the old one and got something similar in consistency and flavor to espresso. Hmmm.

Last night was supposed to be the best night of the year to view the Persied meteor shower and the best time for me was supposed to be around 2am. Since I had a dental appointment at 7am I had planned to miss them, but rather thoughtfully the cat and the dog got into a fight in the bed at about 1:30am and I stumbled outside to stare at the sky for about fifteen minutes. I did not see a single meteor, but I did get a chance in the absolute calm and silence to pray and thank Her for all that She has given me. It may have been worth it to be up just to do that.

I also had a lot of fun taking photos for the blog yesterday. All kinds of cool pictures so that hopefully I will have an appropriate image for each daily topic and if not, you get a picture of some flowers or landscape. I did have a fair number of images I liked but a) they were probably copyrighted by somebody and b) in order for the images to be relevant to the topic, the topic each day would have to be naked women.

Hmmm. That could be a fun blog to write . . . I bet it would get more hits than this one!

Alas, naked women have relatively little to do with my spiritual development. However, when naked women are relevant to my spiritual development I promise to discuss them with thoroughness and honesty. In fact, I already have back here, here and here. I think the results were not nearly so titillating as one might expect.

I am off to the dentist for a cleaning in a minute. I bring that up because it represents a small spiritual triumph. To make a long story short, one of the Human Resources women at the hospital my wife works at told her my dental plan covered something it did not. She simply told my wife it would without looking it up. I had the procedure done and was presented with a $1,300 bill we did not expect. We got this bill at the same time we got hit with a medical copay of $1,100 for a liver biopsy (I’m fine) and auto repairs of $895. We had also just ordered a new Toyota Prius. It looked like a financial Armageddon.

In past years, I would have gotten drunk over this. This time I did some heavy sweating and worrying, but tried to turn it over to the Mother of us all. I am going to try to remember this the next time I am in a financial bind—this too shall pass. It was not easy, it was not fun, but we paid all of the dentist, all of the hospital and all of the repairs. We got lucky in that the waiting list for the Prius is six months, so we probably will not see the car for another couple of months and have time to build up the down payment.

The Alcoholics Anonymous program is a program for living in rough going. It works, it really does.

Goddess Brigit, please be with me today, all through the day, help me stay sober all day long. Thank You, Blessed Be!