Saturday, October 09, 2004

Trade Show, Day Two Recap

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Banner warning the city of evil in its midst. Well, okay, that a pet trade show is going on.
  • I have no idea if my honesty is helpful or harmful to us as a company. I try to be forthright, open and upfront which is not always the best policy when you are doing private label for others in the same industry—why would I do business with someone who is helping my competition? There is something inherently sneaky in private labeling products, ever though it is a legitimate business.

    I asked Aquarium Fish Monthly how I go about becoming a writer. He asked for a sample. This could be good. He wanted to know if there were any writing samples online he could see. Hmmm. Do blogs count? Is showing them that I am an alcoholic witch a wise move? Must put some thought into this. What else can I show them? On the other hand, I am who I am.

    But it would be nice to be a published I am who I am too.

    RK, a former rival in the industry was by our booth. Two years ago he was working with one of the biggest companies in the industry. They were coming out with a product that would compete with our flagship product. He was a big important man with a retinue of followers. They took up eight booths. They were going to crush us. Now, they are floundering. They have laid off dozens of managers (that might have been part of their problem to begin with). RK is among those who was laid off. Now he’s here as a guest. He was by our booth, trying to sell himself.

    I’m not gloating. I wish him well. His situation is a reminder that in life, we really are powerless. We really are at the mercy of vast forces. Madmen fly planes into a building and baggage handlers for airlines get laid off. Hurricanes strike Florida and fish wholesalers can’s ship fish which means they come to a trade show without the product they are trying to sell. Goddess bless and keep you, RK, we all need Her

    People are interesting to watch. It is good to see the faily owned stores still around, although it is disappointing to realize that many of the manufacturers and distributors are colluding to put them out of business.

    You know, it’s hard to write a coherent blog entry when you keep getting interrupted! Who do these people think they are? Can’t they see I am busy? You’d think they were like potential paying customers or something.

    Oh, yeah, right. They are. Well, even so, this is America and we don’t so customer service here!

    Acutally I am doing a good job taking care of customers. It is just that there are so few of them.