Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ideas for Guided Meditation . . . Coven Activity Maybe?

Yesterday was full moon, so I went over to Jim’s for the Esbat. We did Jim’s full moon ritual, which is actually rapidly becoming my standard ritual. After we had conducted all of the ordinary circle happenings but before dissolving the circle, we did a guided meditation. Jim led it and he did a very nice job. We then went to dinner and then out to White Rock Lake and we watched a beautiful full moon over the rippling waters of the lake.

Jim’s meditation gave me some ideas for my own guided meditation, both for me and for the group. I have had a fascination for the Chauvet cave art ever since I saw the photos in National Geographic. At the library I found a book on Chauvet Cave and it fascinates me. So I am thinking of doing a meditation where we enter Chauvet. What I will do is provide each person an image before the meditation (like a week or so) and ask them to think about it and how it relates to them or to their totem. Then I will take them into the cave.
Chauvet Cave panel of the Horses

The Shaman will meet them inside. What he says to each of them will be private. Perhaps they will even see the artists at work.

Right now it seems to me, and this may change dramatically depending on what happens, but for now it seems that the purpose would be for us to try to connect to the energy of the ancestors, the spirit of the land before there was technology more advanced than stone tools. I would like to see into a people who are existing before agriculture and time.

The carved Venus with the horn with thirteen scores on it . . . that is contemporaneous to the caves, she may be the Wise Woman.

Hmmm. This could be interesting. It is a shame that as leader of the ritual I cannot participate in the meditation as well.

This idea of mine brings up an interesting point, a point that actually gets overlooked often. The majority of Wiccan philosophy and theology is borrowed from an agrarian society. The Wheel of the Year is viewed in terms of sowing, nurturing, harvesting and preparing for a new season of growth.

The Shaman and Wise Woman I am proposing to invoke are from a time before agriculture. They are hunter-gatherers. They would view the Wheel of the Year very differently than would the agriculturally based Native American and Celtic peoples. They would think in terms of migration seasons. Beyond that nothing comes to mind. This is a worldview I am unfamiliar with and I must take some time to familiarize myself with it before this meditation.

I wonder how easy it would be to purchase some of the supplies I need for this online . . . could we get red ochre? Charcoal is easier, although big irregular chunks would be harder to get.

Maybe this ritual is not for July, maybe this needs to be a November, December ritual. I feel it should be cold for this.

I ask that the Goddess move and guide me that this be something we learn from, that it be a tool that will be of service to others. After all, this would be the time when we learned fight or flight, and maybe it could be a tool to look at motives behind anger and fear. Could we do a mini Fourth and Fifth step as a part of this? We would also need a mini Eight and Ninth step too . . .

Hmmm. This ritual and meditation could be much more complex than I thought. Maybe too complex, I may be making this more than chewable. I will have to sketch it out and see how it goes.

Good Morning Goddess Brigit, my name is Andy and I am one of Your alcoholic children. I rely on Your grace to stay sober one day at a time and I am grateful that You gift me with Your grace. Today is a good day to be Sober.

Please, Brigit, Bright Arrow, be with me today all through the day and help me stay sober all day long. I will try to do Your will in turn. Let it be about You and not about me today.

I thank You, Great Brigit.