Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Comments on the Democratic National Convention

Theresa Heinz Kerry: the reporter she was speaking to during her incident is the editor of a local conservative rag and a republican attack dog. He was accusing her of using the phrase “un-American activities” in her speech. She did not use that phrase; she used the word un-American. He was belligerent and she told him to shove it. I like this woman. She owes him no apology—not if Dick Cheney can tell a United States Senator to go fuck himself on the Senate floor (Sen. Patrick Leahy made a comment about Halliburton’s record profits from the war). Theresa: you go girl!

Bill Clinton: He presided over eight years of prosperity and peace. When he bombed Al-Queda the right wing accused him of doing so to distract attention from the fact that he was being accused of getting nookie in the Oval office. The 9-11 commission report notes that probably these accusations prevented stronger action from the Clinton administration back then against Al-Queda. So, indirectly, the right wing prevented more effective action from the Democrats against our common enemy. That’s how stupid and selfish the right wing is.

Bill Clinton will go down in history as one of the best presidents we ever had and I am proud to have voted and campaigned for him. He is a great American success story. His weaknesses show us only that he is human and therefore going to make bad judgments. He now has admitted his wrongs and tried to make amends, so let’s drop it.

Hillary Clinton will go down in history as one of the best presidents the United States has ever had. She has not even run for the office yet, but I am confident that she will and she will succeed and be very good at it. The right wing hates Hillary Clinton with a passion. She is a woman who does as she pleases and serves no man. She is strong and decisive. Hillary Clinton is frighteningly intelligent and they know that she is essentially smarter than any of them.

Most of all, they hate that she is still married to Bill Clinton. For all of their “family values” the right wing has a lousy track record of living out those values. Hillary and Bill Clinton, whatever else you may say about them, live those values.

Jimmy Carter is a Christian who goes forth and practices his faith the best he can every single day. He is a living example of faith in action. That’s why the Christian right wing has just published a book accusing him of hypocrisy and calling him a traitor—he works for world peace and they accuse him of giving in to dictators and pandering to enemies of America. Unlike Dick Cheney who did business with Saddam Hussein after the first gulf war. The right wingers are no more Christian than Osama bin Laden is a Muslim. They carry the name but do none of the deeds.

John Kerry will be a good president.

There is always the danger that some Republican will find this blog and push it the idea that Kerry is allied with Witches and Pagans. For the record, I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent. The Democrats have not invited me to say any of the above, nor am I compensated for doing so. If I felt the Republicans had anything positive to offer the nation I would support them. But they don’t.

I wish they did. I can only imagine the great things this country would be capable of if we could work together to achieve them.