Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yea! We're Going Camping! & Baby Update

  • Sleepy from the doc.

  • My wife and baby will be coming to Witchstock with me!

    Now, already Laura is working herself up into a state of anxiety over the whole thing; she feels that having a baby half an hour away from the nearest hospital is not a smart choice. She is also worried the baby will cry all night. This would not only be Anwen's first time camping, it will also be Laura's. We are planning this out though and we will have a handle on it by the time late September rolls around.

    Anwen is doing alright. Her pediatrician was not in yesterday so we saw a different pediatrician in this office. I don't like him and I am not confident in his medical skills. Let me explain why.

    Link warning: the links in the following sections refer directly to the home pages of the hate organizations who are responsible for their content.

    All through the office there are magazines Brio for young girls and Breakaway for young guys. These publications are produced by the extremist right wing hate organization Focus On The Family. All of these magazines are delivered in the name of this one pediatrician. Anwen is too young to ingest this poison or even be aware of it. But I am and it disturbs me immensely.

    First of all, I show up in a kilt; does my daughter get the same level of care as every other child who enters that office? The doctor in question did not bother to hide his immediate disapproval of the kilt. That being the case, what is my assurance that his disapproval does not impact his care?

    Focus on the Family is one of those truly scary hate groups because of the success they have had spreading their poisonous hatred through society. Like the White Citizen Councils of the 1950's and 1960's they wear a thin veneer of acceptability to hide their truly extremist nature. They cannot be honest about who they are and what they want; it is too extreme. So they wear a mask to hide their true intentions. That indicates an awareness of their evil and an intent to conceal it from the outside.

    Second, if he is a member of the hate group Focus on the Family, odds are he does not believe in evolution. A physician or biologist who does not accept evolution cannot be a competent physician/biologist. Evolution is theory in biology in much the same way gravity is a theory in physics. That is to say, it cannot be proven that no other theory can account for observed phenomena and evidence of the theory, but the odds of that happening are nil. All available data that passes the muster of peer review supports evolution.

    So what difference does this make to a physician? Simple. If he does not believe in evolution, he has no method available to explain how the flu alters and changes every year. There is no explainable mechanism to for the fact that bacteria genetically modify to adapt to and survive exposure to antibiotics. Without evolution there is no reason to believe that can happen. Can physicians who do not believe in evolution endanger their patients? Absolutely. The most famous case is about twenty years old; when a doctor transplanted the heart of a baboon into a baby. She died. In an interview the following information came to light:
    Bailey's use of baboons was somewhat surprising, given their relatively distant evolutionary relationship to humans compared to other primates. The reason came to light when the Times of London published an interview between Bailey and an Australian radio crew. The reporters had been forbidden to ask direct questions about the operation, so they queried Bailey on the issue of why he had chosen a baboon in view of the baboon's evolutionary distance from humans. Bailey replied, "Er, I find that difficult to answer. You see, I don't believe in evolution." It is shocking that Bailey ignored basic biological concepts in formulating a life-threatening human experiment.

    Baby Fae: The Unlearned Lesson Perspectives On Medical Research: Volume 2, 1990, Kenneth P. Stoller, MD.

    With this said, I like our pediatrician although she has become somewhat suspect in my mind because of her association with him. I'm almost scared to ask her views on some to these issues. But I really believe you cannot get the best possible care unless the physician understands the science behind what they do.

    I'm going to have to think about this.