Friday, August 12, 2005

I Have A New Hero...

All this time I have been waiting for a journalist, a congressperson, an international leader... hell, anybody, to stand up to President Bush and call him on his bullshit. And it has not happened. I had not counted on how journalists would put access above their duty to report. I didn't realize that Democrats in Congress, to a disgusting extent, would put up with the status quo to preserve their pork barrel projects. Internationally, Bush does not meet with decent people, he talks with his kind of thugs like the Saudi royal family.

I am smarter than that; I should have guessed it would take someone from outside the circus of media and politics to stand up to our Coward-In-Chief. My only sorrow is that her son had to die in Iraq before this could happen. She's my new hero:

  • Cindy Sheehan

    You almost get a sense of palpable fear from the Right when she opens her mouth. They don't know what to say or do in response-they are simply lost. So, rather than deal with the substance of her message they fall back on what they do best: smearing her.

    The first smear attempt was just laughable; Michelle Malkin, a truly evil person if there ever was one said that Sheehan's son, Casey, would be ashamed of what his mother was doing. Cindy's response: I didn’t know Casey knew Michelle Malkin…I’m Casey’s mother and I knew him better than anybody else in the world…I can’t bring Casey back, but I wonder how often Michelle Malkin sobbed on his grave. Did she go to his funeral? Did she sit up with him when he was sick when he was a baby?

    Then they planned an Anti-Sheehan rally. The trouble with that plan was that those of us who read Daily Kos got wind of it and started bombarding the station with phone calls objecting and organizing to go join Cindy Sheehan. The cowards tucked tail between their legs and changed the location and it is no longer an Anti-Sheehan rally but just a support the troops rally.

    The next step is to produce an anonymous email claiming to be from Cindy Sheehan's relatives claiming they don't support her and bring out the in-laws to denounce her. What the fuck are they thinking? Like we couldn't find members of Bush's family who are ashamed of him? Like families don't disagree? Is that all they've got? But you will notice that Cindy Sheehans real family, Casey's father and her other three children are with her. You know, the ones with blood in common with Casey Sheehan.

    Now the Right Wing Media Machine is saying that Cindy Sheehan is a tool of the far left. This is based on the fact that many, many, left wing sites have quoted her or feature pictures of her, like this one now does. Fuck 'em. They have nothing else left, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

    And still Cindy keeps going, despite colds, despite losing her voice, regardless of the cruelty of outsiders, she just keeps doing what she believes in. The more they attack her, the more they vilify her, the more they highlight the fact that our President is terrified of a war widow. Cindy Sheehan's attackers are helping make her case for her.

    Godspeed Cindy!
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