Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Work Gripes

  • Dozing.

  • My office has been in a state of rebellion for about a year now, but the rebellion has been squashed and man that pisses me off. We have a business casual dress code: dockers/khaki pants, shirts with collar and of course, no kilts. Well, in my building we have been ignoring that and simply wearing jeans. Part is because we go into and out of the warehouse and get dirty (especially since the office fire coated everything with a fine layer of smoke) and part of it is due to comfort. It all started when my boss hired this "gifted" kid to run one of our new divisions and he simply refused to wear dress slacks. Even at trade shows he would be in jeans. I copied his lead and others followed.

    Well, boy wonder quit, essentially fucking my boss over in the process. Suddenly we are told that we will dress in business casual or be sent home to change.

    So here's the deal: we lose a privilege we were never granted, right? So I have no basis for complaint, do I? So this should be no big deal, right? Nope. I almost walked out of the job yesterday over it. I had to spend fifteen minutes at my desk doing deep breathing and praying in order to calm down. If I did not have a child, I probably would have walked.

    What the hell is the big deal? Well, I am an alcoholic and there are several psychological characteristics common to alcoholics. One is that we can behave like juveniles when we don't get our way; for an example look at the recent actions of President Bush over John Bolton. That is the classic behavior of an unrecovered alcoholic. Another is that we tend to believe everything revolves around us; I am feeling persecuted, first no kilt and now no jeans? Outrageous!

    Time for me to grow up, this is not about me, nor is it about how I dress. It is about the fact that the owner gets to set the rules he wants. So I need to get over it.

    I think this is an indication that I am not in fit spiritual condition. Good news is, today I see the surgeon again for a final follow-up. After this, I should be free to attend noon twelve step meetings assuming I am healthy and all is going well. So hopefully I can start taking actions towards becoming more spiritually fit.

    'Cause Goddess knows I'd be horribly ashamed to be anything like our current president.