Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Magnificent Miscelleny

  • Our other children were feeling neglected.

  • My wife and I are discussing going to Witchstock and she is willing to go but her concern is the baby. Anwen will be five months old by the time of Witchstock. Can anyone think of any reason she should not camp with us for two nights and three days in late September in Texas? Are there any special baby supplies we should take with us? Obviously there are concerns with snakes, fire ants and other humans, but are those reasons not to go or simply reasons to be careful? My secret concern is the possibility of the baby crying and keeping other campers awake. There's not much you can do to muffle sounds in a tent; last year at Witchstock I got a fairly graphic example of that from Tonyahh ahh ahh ahh harder ahh ahh ahh if you get my drift (If that goes on again this year I will have a video camera. If they are going to make thier lovemaking that public, I feel I should be able to turn a profit off my lack of sleep).

    Last year, WitchStock proved to be a very important point for me spiritually; I am hoping that proves to be the case again this year. I am dragging spiritually. Going to more AA meetings would help but I am feeling very boxed in here. I'm still seeing various physicians at least once per week. Pressure is on me at work to make up hours so there are no lunchtime meetings. In the evenings, I generally collapse and nap; I'm still worn down from surgery. I'm not sure what to do; some weekend meetings are one obvious answer. We shall see; I am meeting with my sponsor tonight.

    This past weekend El Capitan was in town and I did not see him because I decided to stay home and rest. I am still feeling guilty about that. My wife says I should not because I was resting and I needed the rest but over the years El Capitan has put a lot more effort into this friendship and I want to reciprocate. He once said to me that once his friends become parents, they disappear for lack of time and I did not want to be one of those. But here I am, falling right into that mold.

    Posts like this kill this blog; the political readers get turned off because this isn't politics. The pagans read about Witchstock but then get bored. The folks in recovery read the bit about meetings and shake their heads sadly and move on. Consistency builds readership, but I am not consistent with the subject of my content. Hell, I can't even classify my blog anymore. My readership, insofar as I can tell, is mostly female (that's cool) so I try not to blog too much about hot chicks... well, okay, my wife reads this too so... So I am at an impasse as to how to build readership.

    Blogs do make a difference: two days ago I blogged about Latoyia Figueroa who has been missing for almost ten days now. She has a seven year old daughter and was pregnant at the time she disappeared. I picked up this story from The All Spin Zone where he was commenting that there was no media coverage of the case and indeed, there were only three Google News hits for Latoyia Figueroa when I blogged.

    Since then the case has appeared on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. The reward fund has grown to 15% of the goal of $10,000. The guy who started this, Richard Cranium got this email from Latoyia's cousin:
    Dear Richard,

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I am Toy's cousin Abraham and we are deeply saddened that we have not been able to get the national support that we need in order to publicize this tragedy. Once again we thank you for your efforts and support in this matter.

    I pray she is found alive; I know that is unlikely at this stage, but I'm going to pray anyway. Even if the outcome of this case is not good, maybe the media will get the message that we, Americans, care about each other, all of us. We do care that a black woman is missing and want her found; just the same that we care that a white girl in Aruba is missing. Maybe all of these stories should be covered. Maybe the media could learn to care about the poor and minorities as well.

    Unlikely, but again, well worth a prayer.

    As Richard points out it is not too late to contribute to finding Latoyia Figueroa, both with money and with blog coverage.