Friday, August 19, 2005

Evil In Action

To recap from previous posts, the characteristics that define evil people are:
1. The absence or destruction of good; evil being inherently against life and creativity
2. The inability to face the consequences of their actions (the necessity for lying)
3. This behavior is systemic, it is the common thread that runs through the person's entire life

Following this are some other traits common to those who are evil although these are less universal than the three above:
4. Evil seeks respectability and social acceptance.
5. Evil evangelizes to gain new converts.
6. Evil is ideologically neutral and will adapt and adopt in order to fit an existing ideology, faith or economic belief.

It is a mistake to believe that evil people do things out of any belief in a system whether it be capitalism, communism, fascism, whatever. Remember, these people are ideologically neutral at the core. Everything they do, no matter how they disguse it, is selfish and self-serving. Self satisfaction is the end goal, achieved through deceptions and rationalizations. One of the ways to separate evil people from true ideologues and fanatics is to see how they behave in relation to their own stated principles. Ideologues and fanatics will follow the principle to the end. Evil people will follow their selfish desires instead. Evil people make shitty suicide bombers; they won't do it. But evil people probably recruit, train and arm suicide bombers. They play upon the honest emotions of others to make them tools of their evil.

When it comes down to it, evil people will abandon ideology and principles to defend themselves. Because in the end that is all that it is about is their selfishness. Think about these things and think about the people below.

Robert Novak who wrote the column that destroyed both CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover and the CIA front company she was ostensibly employed by.

Karl Rove who leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press. Please note how he has disguised his criminal acts and intentions under various noble motivations. Notice how the noble acts and motivations shift, evolve and change as needed to suit his desires. He is an evil man.

Judith Miller who helped promote a war under false pretenses for her own glory. She may be in jail not to protect a confidential source, but rather to hide her own criminal activity. If she gets bored, maybe she should try counting from one to 1,862 and see how long it takes. She could imagine each number represents a dead American soldier. Then maybe she would start to comprehend what she has helped to achieve.

Nah, the truly evil never accept the consequences of their actions. Judy Miller going to jail actually serves as an example of the lengths evil people will go to shield themselves from accepting the truth about their actions. She would rather serve time in jail than admit her role in the Plame affair, probably because admitting what she had done is an admisison of who and what she truly is and she cannot face that.

Prayers for Cindy Sheehan, whose mother has had a stroke. Goddess go with you Cindy.