Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Financial Holes and Bones

I'll admit it. I have a ghoulish fetish for bones. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by horror and the supernatural. Long before Samhain had any religious significance to me, it was my favorite holiday, Halloween. I still struggle with trying to balance my interest in the popular holiday and observing the pagan Holy Day.

Since we have plunged headlong back into the hell of credit debt, I find myself tempted by some skeletal toys which have long lingered in the back of my mind as possible future purchases. The temptation has grown...
Check out the offerings at Bucky's Boneyard, the Halloween Division of the Anatomical Supply Company. Full scale skeltons! Bags of miscelleneous bones! All anatomically correct! Oh, I am so tempted.

Then there are the delightfully grim and ghoulish offerings of the small businesses listed in Chateau Bizarre. For example, under toybox, then Halloween, there is The Haunted Manor which offers handcrafted corpses! I must see about getting El Capitan the Rotting Monkey!! Anubico is the offerings of four funeral home directors; very promising. And of course for baby Anwen we have Rotten Ragdolls for her to play with!

Okay, I'm over it. I know I just want to buy playtoys because I am depressed and hoping that by spending money I'll be able to make myself feel better (Credit card companies love me!).

I also know that I am now one of those Wiccans who gives Wiccans a bad name. Now we'll have Beth stop by and be My Church was right! Those Wiccans are creepy devil worshipping fiends! I don't want anything to do with them! Of course I'll reply: Nonsense, Beth, calm down. And can I borrow your twins over Halloween?*

Wicca is not dark; Wicca is about the wheel of life, from birth through death; recognizing this cycle in ourselves and our friends and recognizing that this is what the Goddess intended. Our mission, as Wiccans, is to celebrate life in all of its diversity, teach a reverence for it and learn to live in relation to it. And like every other faith out there; ours is rooted in the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do unto you.

My own creepy hobbies are separate from my faith and are not a reflection on my faith.

* I want to make it clear I am not implying I would harm her children. With her permission, I'd let them watch me celebrate Samhain. Without her permisson to do that (I don't know that she would be comfortable) I'd probably take them to Screams in Waxahachie which features like six haunted houses for a pretty reasonable price. My wife and I had a good time there.