Sunday, July 17, 2005

So Help Me Gods

If this post offends anyone, then I've done my job :) Much love from NYPaganChick.

On Saturday I decided to head into the city. Run some errands and probably catch a film. I went and purchased the ticket and decided to go to a diner right across the street from the theatre. Remind me not to go there ever again.

I went and sat down, placed my order and drank my coffee. There I was, minding my own business. Little did I know that in the booth behind sat the spawn of Satan and his mother, Ms. Useless. First, let me state that I love kids. I come from a big family and I have 16-20 nephews and nieces. I don't know how many exactly because I don't know them all but that's neither here nor there. I'll save that for another guest post.

This boy decided that he needed the attention of the entire diner so he started yelling and throwing a tantrum. Screaming "Ahhhhh Momma, I'm choking! I'm choking! Momma Ahhhhhhh" This boy was not choking at all but that didn't seem to matter. He started jumping around like he was having a seizure and throwing soda and water at his mother. This heffa just sat there like a lump and let her crazy son do this.

I didn't want to get involved so I just tried to focus on my coffee but I went from normal to migraine headache like in 30 seconds. She felt she was doing good parenting by just saying "Sweetie, just don't drink too fast. Ok, honey?" Was she blind? Her son wasn't choking to begin with! What he needed a good talking to. Some 'effing discipline.

I don't get that. I don't get parents that let their kids run around like wild animals and don't seem phased by any of it. They don't care about the disturbance it causes other people. No, of course it doesn't matter because that's your kid and he's just the best thing since sliced bread, right?

I wasn't raised like that. My mother, that crazy psycho, (love ya momma) raised my sisters and me military-style. There was no yelling, no screaming, and no acting up and sometimes there was no talking in public. We were to be on our best behavior OR ELSE. Let's just say that the OR ELSE did not consist of a time out or grounding. It consisted of not being able to sit for a few days while your butt healed. Now, I don't believe in spanking kids but I do believe in strong and effective discipline. Sitting back and turning a blind eye to your kid's shenanigans may seem cute to you, but is incredibly obnoxious to everyone else.

The way you deal with your kids now will affect what kind of adults they will turn out to be. Raise them to be wild and they will grow up to be undisciplined and uncivilized adults. Real cute, right? Yeah, just precious.

So what's the point to my post? Who cares? Just don't sit next to me in a diner with your crazy ass kids... Hear me? Ok, good.