Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday Ramblings

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  • Laura and I watched the Exorcist last night. I have obviously moved further away from the Judeo-Christian mythology than when I last saw it (fourteen or fifteen years ago). It simply wasn't very scary. The special effects have held up surprisingly well over the past thirty years - probably because they did keep it so simple.

    We had, sorry, are having a small pregnancy scare. Laura has a low thyroid which is being treated with thyroid supplement (I have the same condition. It's quite romantic to get up and take our thyroid pills together. Okay, it isn't). Her gynecologist, the one who confirmed she was pregnant, did not test her thyroid levels. When she saw the obstetrician who will be the primary doctor through this, that doctor did not test her thyroid levels.

    Laura started feeling week and drained. She called and insisted the test them. That was over a week ago that the lab was drawn. They called on Tuesday to tell her her thyroid is low. Great. Then they say there is another blood level that they look at in pregnant women and it will be a day or two to get those results. Great. No change in perscription, nothing. On Thursday we have heard nothing. Laura is feeling worse.

    The real kicker comes when we look up what they are testing for and read that there are concerns about developmental delays and complications associated with low thyroid levels in the 1st trimester. So, yesterday Laura called the OB's office and apparently went off.

    Some of my friends from college can testify: when Laura goes off, run. She has been known to deck ex-Green Berets (or did that asshole claim he was an Army Ranger? Anyway, she laid him out). Her perscription has been adjusted. But niether of us is happy with this at all. Not at all.

    I bet this isn't a topic many heterosexual men write about . . . but I had some brief thoughts on the beauty and grace of some gay men. I often feel very clumsy and find my movements and gestures to be abrupt and rough.  I don't know how others see them, I only know how I see them. 

    I kind of envy some gay men in that respect.  I don't envy the discrimination and persecution they face.  Many, although not all, have a kind of fluid grace that makes their movements almost like a dance.  Note, I am not speaking about the very affected motions which comprise the stereotype of a gay man.  To me, those guys look silly, although if they are having fun, well, Goddess bless them. 

    I am talking about the very subtle, almost invisible gestures that enhance the body language of these individuals.  One friend of mine from AA is like this.  It is a very unconscious thing and difficult to describe.  It is a precision of gesture and motion.  It is neat to watch.  Once in private I tried to mimic the way he uses his hands to emphasize what he is saying.  I can't do it. Maybe it is part of the dancing gene I lack.

    I wonder if this is a part of the genetic package of being gay for some men?  I don't think it is learned.  Nor is this characteristic particularly feminine in my opinion. I cannot ever remember meeting a straight man with that kind of graceful motion, but I have known four or five gay men with this characteristic. Oh, well, whatever it is, I wish I had a little of it.

    I saw the U.K's Black Watch Regiment lost four men. I was sorry to see that. We lost twenty, at least that they're telling us. I wish someone could tell me why. Goddess be with their families and the Iraqi civilians in Fallujah.

    If the dollar keeps dropping against the Euro that will make American imports into Europe more attractive. I wonder if there are any companies there that need Americans to offer a helping hand . . . ah, no, they learn English in their schools. Still, might be worth looking into.

    Good Morning Goddess Brigit, my name is Andy and I am an alcoholic. I have been kept sober one day at a time since Imbolc, 2001, by Your gifts to me. I am grateful for them today. Today is a good day to be sober.  Thank You. Blessed Be.