Friday, August 06, 2004

Thoughts and Dreams on Politics

I had a dream that the Republicans found my blog and started to publicize it saying that “Witches vote for Kerry” and using my blog to insinuate that Democrats are supportive of Witchcraft. In my dream I wrote some sort of a column that ran nationally that showed that Pagans are not a monolithic voting bloc and cannot be characterized as belonging to any one party.

However, I suspect that Kerry will get many more Pagan votes than Bush. Why? George Bush has shown a disdain and contempt for religions other than his own (that would include many Christian denominations). Bush has attempted repeatedly to politicize religion, asking churches for member lists so that his campaign can contact the individual church members. The head of his faith based initiative mocks Pagans and Wiccans indicating that he feels that Pagans do not contribute to the communities they live in.

In my eyes the most important reason for Pagans to support the opposition to Bush is the harm his administration has done the environment. Paganism is nature based and Earth centered. We treat the Earth with reverence; it is the body of the Mother. To Pagans it is disgusting to see wanton pollution and destructive stewardship of the land being encouraged.

That is why I am supporting Kerry. It doesn’t hurt either that he is a war hero or that his national security policy isn’t based on invading oil rich nations.

But I am not a Democrat. I simply find that this time around the Democrats are much closer to my interests and views than the Republicans.

I actually consider myself an anarchist. Right now, government is important because it can be used to keep the large corporations in check. In my ideal world though, I would abolish government. All government. That cannot happen though, until the human race matures and I will not see that in my lifetime.

Goddess, I want to take this moment to thank You for all of the blessings that You have given to me. I am glad to be here, glad to be sober. That is a great gift. Please be with me all through the day today and help me to stay sober all day long. Thank You, Blessed Be.