Monday, September 05, 2005

Not Too Many Daily Outrages (And A Little Good News Tucked In There Too)

In watching this disaster unfold, you must have wondered, as many have, what it would have looked like, had the President of the United States given a shit. We are fortunate to be able to show you exactly what it looked like to have a President who cared; it's too bad that he's not in office. It's good news, so read on:
They saw nature's unmatched fury up close.

Now they would see unbridled human compassion.

About 140 people - mostly elderly and infirm - arrived Saturday at McGhee Tyson Airport on a chartered mercy flight from hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, welcomed to East Tennessee by a bright sun and a host of medical professionals straining at the reins to help their fellow human beings without regard to whether they were on the clock.

The displaced hurricane victims came to Tennessee on a hastily arranged flight, accompanied by doctors and carrying whatever they had in boxes, bags or, in one case, an old suitcase tied up with rope.

Former Vice President Al Gore arranged the flight and was on board, but he declined to take credit for the airlift, fearing it would be "politicized."

...Gore chose not to speak to the assembled media, but he was seen in a black T-shirt and jeans moving rapidly from one side of the plane to the other assisting with the off-loading operation.

Knoxville News Sentinel: Gore accompanies about 140 arrivals from New Orleans but declines to take credit

Hat Tip goes to jj32 at Daily Kos

  • A man who knows the meaning of the words "hard work." I was proud to have voted for him in 2000, I am even more proud now. Thank you Mr. President.

  • The Senate Democrats have supposedly released a plan to deal with Katrina, however, it is not on the Senate Democrats website, so I'll hold off on it for now.

    A pretty complete list of FEMA's fuckups is right here.

    Wonkette catches the Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, in yet another lie (Yes, I read Wonkette, please don't laugh at me. My excuse is that she is a hot redhead with a fetish for, um, how to say this, backdoor action so I, like many other men, find her irresistable).

    Barbera Bush is still a fetid, nasty old cunt. The good news is, soon she'll be dead; I have my dancing shoes polished, waiting to visit her grave. Sorry, I hated her as First Lady, I detested her even more after realizing what she gave birth to and now with her racism and hatred on display, I see no need to be kind to her.

    I am hearing that some of the fish in the Aquarium of the Americas survived and that the Zoo has done remarkably well. I am glad to hear that; now I want to hear more about what I can do to help the humans.