Saturday, July 09, 2005

Just Think About It.

Just for shits and grins, my wife found out how much the surgery would cost if I had no insurance; if I was a cash pay patient: $25,000. And that does not even count the maching that goes: Ping!

I'll stop bitching about the $3k out of pocket now, thank you.

Umm, quick question here: if we are winning the war on terror and they are on the run, how come they were able to plan and exectute a complex multi-stage attack like they did in London? 'Cuz, like, when I am running somewhere in a panic, I'm doing well if I remember car keys and a wallet, never mind detonators, knapsack and explosives. I only remember those things when I am calm and collected.

Couple other points:

  • Were those explosives made from materials looted from unguarded Iraqi arms storage facilities? You know, the ones our corporate media barely mentioned when they were working hard to make sure Bush got re-elected?

  • Didn't the new head of the CIA say he knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding? Do you think that if we know where he is, now might be a good time to go get him? Or should we wait for the next attack? Didn't our President say that we would make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them?

    Hey, before we go, I wanted to introduce you to someone.

    This is Ramona Valdez. Her mom immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic and raised her in the Bronx all by herself. Did a damn fine job too; Ramona graduated from high school two years early. She planned on going to college but she wanted to do something for her country. She became a member of the Marine Corps. Did well there too; reached the rank of Lance Corporal very quickly.

    That all ended when a suicide bomber rammed her convoy and killed her along with five other United States soldiers. Dead in a stupid war that we should never have fought. One of our best and brightest.

    This country is run by a cabal of criminal thugs and I hope I get to see some of them on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity before I die.
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