Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's A Human!!

  • Another photo of the Basse Yutz flagon. This one shows more of the total piece. Those Celts were skilled artists.

  • Well, the sonagram went reasonably well, and it looks like Laura and I are going to have a human being! It's a little bit of a disappointment, part of me was hoping that Laura was carrying a Valkyrie, but it would be a bitch with those wings in the birth canal and stuff. We have an 85% determination of gender which I am withholding until I hear from some Coven members about a certain Tarot reading and what the cards had to say...I promise I will reveal all soon.

    Meeting with sponsor went well, I am on Step Four, made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. N. my sponsor, will work with me to determine what is appropriate to post here, because I am not allowed to cause more harms to others with making my Fourth step public. For those who are feeling that what I am really doing is covering up what I have done, my answer is simple: no, no, no, that was my first Fourth Step. By now they have gotten pretty dull. But I will post something.

    N, my sponsor, has agreed to be Godmother, actually, strike that, Goddessmother, to my child so that is cool.

    I am on a new exciting medication called: Lexapro. My psychiatrist (did I mention she's really hot?) was explaining that the Wellbutrin I am currently on is a good medication but deals only with dopamine nerve receptors (?) while the Lexapro acts on seratonin receptors instead. So, the basic idea is that the combination will relieve anxiety and depression together. She did reduce my Wellbutrin dosage. Her warning was that if we overdo the Lexapro, I might emotionally numb out, so I am to talk to my wife, my sponsor and my therapist so they can help spot that if it happens. My therapist and my sponsor are not responsible for observing if I get the four-hour-erection side effect that one in ten men get. That would be my wife's and my job to notice. Maybe I can earn a side income in the porn industry.

    Actually, that sounds very painful. Anyway, I hope it works 'cause at $125 per perscription refill, it is going to be steep.

    Any medical inaccuracies in the above are entirely my fault because I was paying attention to my psychiatrist's legs and not what she was saying.

    Did I mention my office caught fire? Yep. The metal halide lights for one of our saltwater aquariums caught fire and set the aquarium stand on fire. The sprinklers went off, and the fire department had to break in. My desk is covered in a layer of ash and my computer is sitting in a damp black puddle. Sadly, everything works and I am expected to show up and do the best I can.

    I am going to write more on adolescence either tomorrow or Saturday morning. I have to, Saturday is my appointment with my therapist.

    Oh, yeah, the inauguration is today. Dress in black to mourn the passing of our Democracy. You can expect Bush to start seriously lying about Social Security today, as opposed to the lighthearted lies he has told thus far.

    Blessings, ya'll.