Saturday, October 23, 2004

Regarding Random Thoughts Of A Few Days Ago (Warning: Tasteless Sexual Content)

(c) Andy Ternay
  • Since we're talking about sex, I thought I would post a close up of my wife's pussy.
  • Regarding the comments from Random Ramblings, I am going to have to disagree with El Capitan. The Oval Office is like any other place. In fact, an argument could be made that the Oval Office is a den of infamy. I am sure that significant portions of the extermination of the Native Americans were planned there. Strategies to justify and support the institution of slavery were mapped out there. The internment of the Japanese during World War II was announced from that office (although if you are a fan of Michelle Malkin, the internment of the Japanese was not actually a bad thing. That’s why I support the internment of Michelle Malkin and her fans). We know for a fact that Watergate was planned from the Oval Office.

    Clinton was not the first President to receive fellatio in the Oval Office, he is merely the first we know of. In addition, I highly doubt he was the first one to receive illicit fellatio in said august surroundings. After all, we know John F. Kennedy spent more than a few hours there himself, and the odds of that happening without an extramarital blowjob are pretty darn slim.

    From my perspective, it’s a good idea to have a relaxed, calm Commander in Chief. And if stains on the Oval Office carpet are a hazard to achieving this goal, so be it. Honestly, I kind of hoped National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleeza Rice would be willing to take it on the chin, if you will, if that would relax the uptight little chimp who currently occupies the office (the image that brings to mind is horribly awful. Do you suppose he’d make a face like the ones from the first debate? Uggghhh. I need a shower after even thinking that). Couldn’t Karen Hughes stand a little rugburn on her knees if it would help keep our soldiers from having to go to war on fictional pretenses?

    Actually, my suspicion is that the person most ardently craved by the Presidential pecker has to be Scott McClellan. He’s already Bush’s butt boy in every other way.

    So there you have it. I just don’t see that there is anything inherently wrong with sex in the Oval Office. Sorry, but that desk is just the right height, the chairs could accommodate two, and the carpeting is plush. Seems like a waste not to use such suitable facilities. Actually if I were President, I’d want to . . . well, we’ll just stop right there. My only other comment on that is that it would be my wife and not my intern involved in that.

    Well, alright, if I was really lucky, it would be my wife and my intern.

    This whole thing goes back to this thing that I am wrestling with about sex is not inherently bad. It really isn’t. See, a large portion of this nation has this whole thing where they thought that the following events were inherently bad:

    1. Clinton getting an extramarital blowjob in the Oval Office

    2. Jack Ryan, former candidate for senate from Illinois taking his wife to live sex clubs and asking her to have sex with other men in public

    3. Former candidate for congress what’s his name, from North or South Carolina using gay sex telephone lines to hook up with young (but of legal age) men.

    4. Naming publicly out (in fact her career has been partially based on her sexual orientation) lesbian, Mary Cheney as such.

    5. Governor McGreevey of New Jersey admitting to a gay, extramarital affair.

    There is no other explanation for the behavior of many Americans about this other than that they regard such things as inherently shameful. My reactions to the above are a little different:

    1. The extramarital component was the problem I had with Clinton’s behavior. I mean really, should he have insisted on taking her to the war room so the Oval Office would remain unsullied? Please.

    2. I don’t think Jack Ryan did anything wrong in asking his wife to have public sex with strangers. I also think he continued to do the right thing in that when she said “no” he didn’t press the issue and they left the club. I don’t think it was appropriate to take her to the second club and ask again. He should have asked her somewhere less threatening to her and when she said “no” dropped it. It’s unfair to drag her to a location she doesn’t want to be for a second time and to try and, for lack of a better term, pressure her into enacting his fantasy. In any case, none of this justifies the gratuitous infliction of Alan Keyes upon the people of Illinois.

    3. Man, anyone who wants to should be able to troll for gay sex anytime they want. They should also expect to be accused of hypocrisy when they do so and then vote against every piece of gay rights legislation put before them.

    4. Hey, Mary Cheney had a job as gay-lesbian liaison for Coors. She is managing her father’s reelection campaign. Her father has acknowledged in public she is a lesbian. Sorry, you can’t have your cake (or is that pie?) and eat it too. Naming her is legitimate.

    5. I think McGreevey’s only wrongdoing (in terms of sexuality) was the extramarital part. His wife deserved better. He also did the right thing by not caving in to extortion from the guy in question.

    Before anyone gets the idea that I have a sense of complete liberalism and comfort with sex, let me just say I wrestle with my own shame issues. I just won’t judge others by my own issues and difficulties with the sex question.

    Good Morning Great Goddess Brigit, my name is Andy, I’m a gutter drunk. You gave me the blessing of sobriety on Imbolc 2001 and since then, life just keeps getting’ better. I’m glad to be sober, glad to be alive today. Please let me be of service to someone, somehow today. I thank You. Blessed Be.